Let the machine work for You & not the other way around.

We at iMacrosScripts.com are firm believers of the above statement. If something can be automated, it should be automated otherwise it is just a waste of time. That is the reason which keeps us motivated to write code that helps in automating the browser tasks.

We have been creating iMacros Scripts since last 8 years for both personal use & for our clients. It has been a very enjoyable learning experience for us. With technological advances going through the roof, what use to take weeks manually, can be done in an hour now.

Some features of our iMacros Scripts Coding are:

Understanding Client’s Need Thoroughly

Before we start working on a project, we make sure to understand the client’s need thoroughly. We learn about each step in detail and create a process flow for the same.

Complicated Calculations & If Else Statements

If the process can be put in logical order, then even complicated calculations & if-else scenarios can be implemented in the coding.

Results & Error Reporting

Automation is not complete if the reporting is not there, we write code which provides a detailed report of the completed task & if there were any errors it would pinpoint the same.

Real Hero

The real hero is iOpus Team & their product iMacros for firefox, as stated in our disclaimer, we are not affiliated with iOpus team or their product. But we write the coding for their software. So they are the real heroes of browser automation.

We believe we can help you in saving your precious time, Get in touch now.